This five day workshop will introduce participants to three alternative photographic printing processes: Cyantoype,  Vandyck Brown, and Platinum/Palladium printing, as well as giving a thorough grounding in how to make linearised digital negatives for any process.


Day 1: Cyanotype

Day 2-3: Vandyck Brown & Basic Digital Negatives

Day 4-5: Platinum/Palladium & Advanced Digital Negatives


By the end of the workshop, you will have a good understanding of the three processes, as well as the ability to make linearised digital inkjet negatives for any process. You will leave with at least three final prints in each of the processes, made with a variety of papers and toner combinations.


What to bring

All materials will be provided. You will need to email us a selection of high resolution digital images in advance of the workshop, and bring additional images on a memory stick.

Alternative Processes & Digital Negatives

5 day Workshop

5 day workshop with Constanza Isaza & Dr Peter Moseley

10:30am - 5pm

£560 + £95 materials fee


September 9-13, 2019



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