The Kallitype is a direct descendent of the Calotype (negative) and Salt Print (positive) processes developed by Fox Talbot in the 1840s. Kallitype combines the tonal sensitivities of the famed iron-based Platinum print and colour palette of Silver printing - brown, sepia, blue, maroon and black. Kallitypes are great fun to make and can be adapted to produce images both of rustic robustness and also of great delicacy and finesse of tone.


The initial Kallitype formulation was patented by W.W.J. Nichols in 1889, then rapidly developed into a number of variations. This workshop will offer members the opportunity to practice the basic process and to explore the opportunities offered for experimentation and image colouration and toning.


During the workshop participants will:


• Be introduced to a range of aesthetic and photographic expression offered by the kallitype process


• Make negatives using ink-jet printers from their image files (digital negatives)


• Mix kallitype solutions and coat art-paper


2 day workshop with Peter Moseley

10:30am - 5pm

£265 + £20 materials fee


2019 dates coming soon

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• Use film or digital negatives to expose kallitype coated papers


• Process the exposed prints using a number of developers producing different image tones


• Wash and dry the exposed prints


Over the two days of the workshop members will produce prints from three or four of their film negatives or digital files.All materials will be provided and no prior experience of photographic printing is required. You will need to email your tutor a selection of high resolution digital images in advance of the workshop.

dancer Kallitype (1)

'Dancer', Kallitype

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