Lith printing is a unique process. Conventional black and white negatives are printed using selected photographic papers processed in lith developer producing work with a distinctive tonality. This can range from a strong, gritty contrast with hard shadows and warm midtones to prints with soft, muted, delicate tones. During this two-day workshop, students will learn different techniques to control the contrast and tone through exposure and development plus additional toning and bleach methods to further manipulate the prints’ range of colours.

Lith Printing Masterclass

With Mike Crawford

2 day workshop with Mike Crawford

Date TBA




Lith print

© Mike Crawford

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Mike Crawford is a photographer and specialist photographic printer based in London. He has printed for many leading photographers, working on numerous exhibitions and publications. In addition, he has held several exhibitions of his own photography, primarily working in urban landscape and portraiture. Mike is an Ilford Photo Master Printer and has taught at several Universities and Institutes and is the author of four technical photographic books and numerous articles for various photographic magazines.



Subjects include:


• Demonstration and workshop on exposure  and lith development

• Refining and additional chemistry used in development

• Suitability of available photographic papers

• Opportunity to experiment with discontinued ‘lith’ papers

• Bleach and re-development techniques for colour change

• Toning Lith Prints


All materials will be provided; you will need to bring some B&W negatives to print from.