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What our students say about us

Photopolymer Gravure Workshop

"Such a great workshop & weekend! Andrés was a thoughtful, warm and welcoming facilitator, always anticipating our needs. Thank you!"

"The weekend was inspiring and a wonderful learning curve. The polymer photogravure technique is as amazing as I have heard. Thanks for a fantastic experience. "

"Constanza and Andrés have created such an incredible space – an immaculate darkroom and a welcoming and professional atmosphere… I would highly recommend Lux and this workshop to anyone."

"An inspiring and encouraging weekend – fantastic location/studio/teaching. I couldn’t have wished for such an amazing experience, giving me the motivation to continue with photogravure – I love the process. I also greatly enjoyed my colleagues on the course. Thank you to Constanza, Andrés and Peter for your wonderful course."

"Illuminating, enlightening, inspiring and hugely enjoyable. A fun masterclass."

"Wonderfully informative and educational. Great structure. Particularly enjoyed getting stuck into some printing before addressing the nitty gritty of plate making – made that part so much more understandable."

Cyanotype Workshop

"First class tuition and great company. Look forward to visiting again!" 

"Great workshop, amazing experience and very friendly and informative. Definitely inspired me to continue with Cyanotype and explore other alternative processes, Very much enjoyed my first time in a darkroom!"


"I expected the workshop to be great, but it has far exceeded my expectations. Excellent friendly tuition. I will be back soon. "

"Well organized, enjoyable and informative! Thank you so much."

Salt Printing Workshop

"It has been very useful to actually put what I have read into action. You were very relaxed and friendly and created a collaborative learning experience… v. good value for money too." 

"Thanks again for another fascinating insight into alternative processes. It helps so much to see what is actually involved in hands-on processing – I feel so much better informed."

"My second course was as enjoyable as the first (cyanotype) – relaxed and informative and suitable for non-photographers like me."

Kallitype Workshop

"An excellent weekend of learning. Teachers extremely knowledgeable and brilliant at teaching this beautiful process. I hope to come back soon."


"Another illuminating , enlightening and enjoyable 2 days with inspiring experts – helpful, attentive and encouraging. Thank you!"

Platinum/Palladium Printing Workshop

"2 really enjoyable informative days. Our tutors really know their stuff and have been very considerate towards the delegates and their needs. I will go away with some lovely prints and the feeling of having had good value for my money."


"Thank you very much for a really enjoyable weekend. I particularly appreciated understanding more about calibrating and determining exposure. Peter and Constanza are clearly very experienced and it’s been a pleasure to have benefitted from that"

B&W Darkroom Workshop

"Everything was amazing. Organised and thoroughly explained. Great people. I’m glad I met you! You really have a good vibe going on. Will definitely stay in touch. Thank you!" 

"I feel I learned a lot and I am going away with new knowledge. You guys have been great… very good at teaching and making everyone feel at ease and looked after. Thank you so much!!"

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